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Browns Press Release On Brady Quinn

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Browns Press Release On Brady Quinn

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Quotes from Browns Senior Vice President and General Manager, Phil Savage:

(Opening Statement)- “Initially we said we were going to meet with the media after our third pick. Obviously, as things developed in the draft, it was well worth our while to stay with it. Ultimately we ended up with Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn which is a scenario that we could have only imagined in our sleep. This is a day that will go down as the day the fortunes of the Browns will turn around. If we are going to do it, this will be one of those stepping stone days. We were able to add a left tackle and a quarterback who could potentially play a long time. You combine that with the additions of Eric Steinbach, Jamal Lewis, the return of Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards. All of the sudden, we’re more legitimate than we’ve ever been. We felt it was worth the chance to go ahead and get Brady.”

(On Brady Quinn)- “Once Brady fell out of the top ten, we had a couple of scenarios where we could have gone after one of our premier players in the top ten. Yesterday, I spoke to Brady Quinn’s people. I felt like he had two dreams. The first was to be the number one pick in the draft and the second was to play for the Browns. Knowing where we were going to go at number three, I called his people to let them know that if they could get something done with Oakland, they should do it. He’s too good of a guy and too good of a person to have his heart broken one time by not being number one and a second time by not coming to the Browns. Beyond that, I wasn’t sure where he was going to go. I could not imagine he would fall back in our lap at pick 22. I don’t think Brady himself or his people would have anticipated this type of situation. I called Brady once we did the trade with the Cowboys. I told him that I know he was disappointed about not being the top pick and feeling like he was not going to be playing for the Browns. I called to tell him that we were going to make one of his dreams come true. I told him I knew he would come in to work hard and be the type of quarterback and player that he was advertised to be. Charlie Weis didn’t get out there and start campaigning for Brady Quinn at the start of the draft. I was there in August and he told me that if we had the chance to take him we should. I told Charlie that if we had the chance to take Brady Quinn, that means we would have lost a lot of games. I really didn’t want to have to take Brady Quinn if you know what I mean. Ultimately, it happened. I’m really excited that he wanted to come here and Joe Thomas also wanted to come here. Bob Palcic was his position coach and we got word back that he really enjoyed it here and wanted to come to Cleveland. He is a Midwest type of person. We are getting two players who really want to be in Cleveland and are embracing the challenge to turn this team around. That’s really what we needed more than anything else.”

(On trading up for a quarterback)- “We have Charlie (Frye) and Derek (Anderson) and like I said, if we went into next season with those quarterbacks, I would have been content with that. In reality, we weren’t ready to bring Brady Quinn to this team without the talent of someone like Joe Thomas. I felt like Joe Thomas with Charlie or Derek would have been good enough. The way it plays out those guys might battle for a position. We don’t know how it’s going to play out. I think we had a chance to get a quarterback when it was a reality. If Brady was there at seven, eight or nine, nobody thought he would go further at nine at Miami. He did. Once that happened, that changed gears for the teams interested in getting a quarterback.”

(On how Brady Quinn will be handled)- “Brady will be handled well. He is a four-year starter and we know he’s received pro coaching with Charlie Weis at Notre Dame. If it’s the best thing for the Browns to be the starter on opening day, I’m all for it. I’m happy if he’s the starter at the beginning of the 2008 season to. I know that our position has been upgraded. I don’t know if you can read into anything that I’m saying. I just know what we are playing on doing.”

(On the feeling that Brady Quinn could fall)- “No, I thought he could go at seven or nine. After that was when we started making some of the calls.”

(On the reaction in the room when the Quinn deal was done)- “It was a reaction that we haven’t had around here in quite some time.”

Quotes from Browns Head Coach Romeo Crennel:

(On Brady Quinn winning the starting job)- “Every player I have goes to camp with a chance to win. That’s what competition does. It makes everyone better. The best man will win and we are going to play the best guy.”

(On what Charlie Weis told him about Brady Quinn)- “Charlie always said he felt like he was ready to come in and play. He said he could carry a team on his shoulders and he was a smart guy. He works hard, he’s into football and he’s competitive. He said we should get him if we had the opportunity. Charlie was probably disappointed we didn’t take him at three, but he probably feels good we have him now and we’ll give him an opportunity to compete for the job.”

(On how Brady Quinn fits into the offense)- “I think he’ll fit in well because he’s a good quarterback. I think he’ll be able to operate in any offense you put him in. I think we’ll find out he’ll fit well in this offense.”

Quotes from QB Brady Quinn:

(Opening Statement)- “I’m so excited to be in Cleveland and this is a dream come true for me. Things were tough they way they started out, but I think it worked out the best way it could have.”

(On his thoughts about the trade)- “Once I heard about the trade, I knew it was about me because of the rumors and the fact that the Browns called me. They said that they were trading up for me and that was a pretty good indication. I couldn’t have anticipated things working out the way they did. It’s easier for a quarterback to drop in the draft.”

(On his feelings about being passed over early on)- “You have to realize that no team is going to take you if they have a good quarterback. They are not going to draft someone to be a backup. Teams are going to bring someone in who will make an impact. There were about three teams that could have selected a quarterback, but after the top ten, it got iffy in certain situations.”

(On being able to develop a winning season if he plays)- “I hope so and that’s my goal. I don’t plan to come into a situation like this and lose. I’m not going to sit here and make any guarantees. You have to go out on the field and prove it.”

(On being drafted with Joe Thomas)- “I don’t think there could have been a possible scenario with the way it ended up. Teams can take a guy like Joe and move him to the right or left side.”

(On wishing he might have been golfing instead of being in New York)- “Yeah, fishing or golfing. It’s tough to put yourself in that situation.”

(On Miami possibly taking him)- “I heard of some possibilities that they would trade up and take me. We knew there was some interest in it and I’m not sure why things worked out the way they did. It doesn’t matter at this point.”

(On being excited to throw to Browns receivers)- “I can’t wait and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with them. I want to get them the ball and score some touchdowns.”

(On what he will bring to the Browns)- “I think the biggest thing is my leadership ability. I’ve been in situations where we’ve had down seasons and I’ve brought a team back. I think my leadership aspect is strong along with my work ethic.”

(On today being a blessing in disguise for him)- “You have to look at the long term. You are going to make more money in your second contract. If you have a long and successful career, what you make today is not going to matter.”

(On Phil Savage saying he wouldn’t take him at No. 3)- “I knew that going in. I wasn’t shocked or confused. I was more shocked about the ninth pick. At the same time, you can’t believe what everyone says to you because there are smoke screens that are put up. I knew about the Cleveland situation going into it and I told everyone not to get their hopes up. I guess you really never know until it happens.”

(On when he thought a trade from the Browns was a possibility)- “I didn’t think it was. I never thought they would come back up. I thought a team like Baltimore would draft me.”

(On possibly starting right away for the Browns)- “I’m very confident and I think that’s why a team would draft me in the first round and do what the Browns did.”

(On signing and getting into camp right away)- “It’s going to be my desire to step in and start on this team. Getting here early especially in your rookie season is a big part of it.”

(On how agonizing it was to wait to be picked)- “I sat it Mr. Goodell’s green room for a little bit and thought about possibilities. It wasn’t as much agonizing for me as it was on my family. They want the best for me and they always felt I would be drafted higher. Everything worked out in the end.



University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish



Dublin, Ohio

Coffman High School


With the arrival of head coach Charlie Weis from the New England Patriots at Notre Dame, the former NFL offensive coordinator quickly bonded with Brady and the results were immediately evident in 2005. Having been compared to Weis’ former pupil, Tom Brady, Quinn averaged more than 110 yards passing per game than he had as a sophomore while nearly doubling his touchdown passes (32 from 17).

During his four seasons with the Fighting Irish, Quinn shattered 36 school records (10 career, 12 single-season, 4 single-game, 10 miscellaneous) including career pass attempts (1,602) completions (929), yards (11,742), yards per game (239.6), touchdown passes (95) and lowest INT percentage (2.43).

He won 29 games as a starting quarterback at Notre Dame, tied for most in school history. Quinn ranks in the top ten in NCAA Division I history in career pass attempts (seventh), passing yards (tenth) and touchdown passes (ninth).

The Coffman High School product was ranked sixth on the Detroit Free Press "Best of the Midwest" team and listed 20th on ESPN's list of the nation's top 100 players. He was named Columbus Dispatch and Ohio Capital Conference Offensive Player of the Year and was an All-State choice as a senior. The two-time All-Conference selection served as team captain twice.

As a senior in 2002, Quinn completed 143 of 258 passes for 2,149 yards, 25 touchdowns and only four interceptions while rushing for 108 yards and six touchdowns. He helped his team post an 8-3 mark in 2002 and played in the U.S. Army All-America game in San Antonio. The two-year starter threw for 2,200 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior in 2001, a 9-4 season that saw Coffman reach the Division I state semifinals. Quinn also lettered three times in baseball. He was named All-Conference in baseball as a junior and was a member of Young Life, the Rock Solid Club and Who's Who Among America High School Students.

As a true freshman at Notre Dame, Quinn appeared in 12 games, starting the final nine contests of the 2003 campaign. He connected on 157 of 332 passes (47.3%) for 1,831 yards, nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He added 25 yards on 48 carries, but also fumbled six times, with the opposition recovering two of those miscues.

In 2004, Quinn was successful on 191 of 253 throws (54.1%) for 2,586 yards and 17 touch-downs. He was intercepted 10 times and fumbled four times, but added three more scores on the ground. Brady earned All-American third-team honors as a junior, ranking third in the nation in passing yardage (3,919) while establishing school season records with 292 completions of 450 attempts with 32 touchdowns and only seven interceptions.

Quinn continued to rewrite the school record book as a senior in 2006. The All-American hit on 289 of 467 attempts (61.9%) for 3.426 yards (tenth best in the nation), 37 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. He finished eleventh nationally with an average of 269.0 yards per game in total offense and placed fifth in points scored per game with an 18.0 average. His average of 22.23 pass completions per game was good for eighth in the nation.

In 49 games at Notre Dame, Quinn started 46 times. He set school career-records with 929 of 1,602 passes (58.0%) for 11,762 yards, 95 touchdowns and 39 interceptions. He carried 254 times for 182 yards (0.7 avg) and six scores. His 1,602 pass attempts rank first among active NCAA Division 1-A quarterbacks.


Completed 929 of 1,602 passes (58.0%) for 11,762 yards and 95 touchdowns, breaking the previous school career-records set by Ron Powlus (558 of 969 attempts for 7,602 yards and 52 touchdowns, 1994-97)…His pass completion percentage of 58.0 ranks second in school annals behind Kevin McDougal (62.2%, 1990-93)…His 11,944 yards in total offense broke the old school career-record of 7,479 yards by Powlus and his 1,856 plays topped the previous Fighting Irish all-time record of 1,201 by Powlus…Has a string of 16 consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass (2004-05), snapping the previous mark of ten by Heisman Trophy winner, John Huarte, in 1964…Set school season-records with 549 plays in 2006 and 4,009 yards in total offense in 2005, topping the old marks of 456 plays for 3,217 yards by Jarious Jackson in 1999…His average of 334.1 yards per game in total offense in 2005 shattered the previous school season-record of 281.3 yards by Joe Theismann in 1970…Gained over 200 yards in total offense 33 times during his career, topping the old Irish career-record of 15 by Jackson(1996-99) and Powlus…Gained over 200 yards in total offense 11 times in 2005 and 12 times in 2006, breaking the old school season-record of nine by Jackson in 1999…His 467 pass attempts in 2006 topped his previous school season-record of 450 in 2005…Along with his 332 pass attempts in 2003 and 353 tosses in 2004, Quinn owns the top three spots on Notre Dame’s season-record pass attempt list…Also owns the top three pass completion seasons in school annals, hitting on 292 throws in 2005, 289 in 2006 and 191 in 2004…His pass completion percentage of 64.9% in 2005 broke the old Irish season-record of 61.6% by Kevin McDougal in 1993…His 32 touchdown passes in 2005 shattered the old Notre Dame record of 19 by Ron Powlus in 1994, followed by Quinn topping his own record with 37 scoring strikes in 2006…Quinn’s average of 1.94 touchdown passes per game topped Powlus’ old school career-record of 1.18 (1994-97)…His seven interceptions in 2005 and repeated in 2006, rank as the fourth-lowest season totals by a Notre Dame starting quarter-back (minimum 125 attempts)…Threw 39 interceptions during his career, topped only by Steve Beuerlein (44, 1983-86) in school annals…Responsible for 198 points in 2005 (32 touchdowns passing, one rushing), breaking the old school season-record of 162 points by Rick Mirer in 1991 (18 touchdowns passing, nine rushing). Quinn then broke his own school record by totaling 234 points (37 scores passing, two rushing) in 2006…During his career, Quinn was responsible for 606 points scored during his career (95 TDs passing, six rushing), surpassing Mirer’s previous Notre Dame career-record of 350 points (41 TDs passing, 17 rushing, one two-point conversion)…His 158.4 passing efficiency rating in 2005 broke the previous school season-record (155.1 by John Huarte, 1964).


All-American Dream Team selection by the NFL Draft report, earning second-team honors from the Football Writers Association…Received the 2006 Notre Dame Most Valuable Player Award at the football banquet for the second-consecutive year after sharing it with receiver Jeff Samardzija in 2005…Became Notre Dame’s sixth winner of the Maxwell Award, presented to college football’s most outstanding player…Winner of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, presented annually to top senior quarterback in the nation…Voted by fans as the winner of the Cingular Player of the Year…Selected as a finalist for numerous awards including the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, the Davey O’Brien Award and the Manning Award…Graduated this past December in 3.5 years with dual degrees in Political Science and Finance…Voted a team captain (along with linebacker Travis Thomas and safety Tom Zbikowski) for second consecutive year as determined in a vote by his teammates…Member of the football team’s leadership committee for the second-straight season…Started all 13 games, ranking 11th nationally in total offense (269.0 ypg), 10th in passing yardage (3,426), eighth in pass completions per game (22.23), 18th in passing efficiency with a 146.66 rating and fifth in points responsible for (18.0 ppg)…Connected on 289 of 467 passes (61.9%) for 3,426 yards, a school season-record 37 touchdowns and only seven interceptions…Set a school record as he did not throw an interception in 226 consecutive passes – also the season high for NCAA Division I in 2006…Threw at least two touchdown passes in his first 12 games…Added 71 yards and two scores on 82 carries (0.9 avg)…Amassed 3,497 yards in total offense on 549 plays…Turned the ball over once on four fumbles.


Second-team All-American selection by The NFL Draft Report, adding third-team honors from the Associated Press…Finalist for the Davey O’Brien Award and the winner of the Sammy Baugh Award as the nation’s top quarterback by the Columbus (Oh.) Touchdown Club...Shared the 2005 Notre Dame Most Valuable Player Award with receiver Jeff Samardzija...One of two team captains (along with linebacker Brandon Hoyte) as determined by a vote of his teammates… Shattered school season-records, as he hit on 292 of 450 passes (64.9%) for 3,919 yards, 32 touchdowns and only seven interceptions…Ranked third in the nation in passing yards and yards passing per game (326.58), was fifth nationally in total offense (334.1 ypg), sixth in pass completions (24.33 pg) and seventh in points responsible for (16.5 pg)…Ranked fourth on the squad with 70 carries for 90 yards (1.3 avg) and a score…Gained a school season-record 4,009 yards in total offense on 520 plays and set a school season-record with 11 games gaining at least 200 yards in total offense…Threw at least one touchdown in all twelve games he started… Fumbled three times, as the Irish recovered all three miscues…Sacked 20 times for losses totaling 133 yards…Accounted for 167 first downs among his 292 pass completions, adding 14 more first downs rushing…Had 35 of his 450 pass attempts deflected by the opposition and fumbled three times…Converted 90-of-184 third-down plays (48.9%) that he was involved in…Had 54 pass completions for 20 yards or longer.


Produced the finest statistical sophomore season of any quarterback in Notre Dame history...Started all 12 games, completing 191 of 353 passes (54.1%) for 2,586 yards with 17 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions...Had 11 completions of at least 40 yards or more...Finished third on the Notre Dame single-season passing yards list, trailing only Jarious Jackson's 2,753 in 1999 and Quinn’s 3,919 in 2005)...Carried 54 times for losses totaling 4 yards, adding three scores on the ground…Fumbled four times, with the opposition recovering one of those miscues…Sacked 25 times for minus 147 yards…Also recorded a pair of solo tackles (one each vs. Pittsburgh and Oregon State).


Played in 12 games as a true freshman, starting the final nine contests when he replaced Carlyle Holiday in the lineup vs. Purdue…Gained 1,831 yards with nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions on 157 of 332 passes (47.3%)…His 332 pass attempts set a school season-record (since broken), topping the ol;d mark of 316 by Jarious Jackson in 1999…Carried 48 times for 25 yards (0.5 avg) and amassed 1,856 yards in total offense…Also recorded an assisted tackle vs. Syracuse…Fumbled six times, turning the ball over twice…Was sacked 13 times for losses totaling 85 yards.


4.73 in the 40-yard dash…345-pound bench press…Bench presses 225 pounds 21 times…475-pound squat…36-inch vertical jump…9’7” broad jump…4.22 20-yard shuttle…6.79 three-cone drill…31 ¾-inch arm length…9 5/8-inch hands…Right-handed…29/47 Wonderlic score.


Bench pressed 225 pounds 24 times.


Attended Coffman (Dublin, Oh.) High School…Ranked sixth on the Detroit Free Press "Best of the Midwest" team and listed 20th on ESPN's list of the nation's top 100 players as a prep…Named Columbus Dispatch and Ohio Capital Conference Offensive Player of the Year and was an All-State choice as a senior…The two-time All-Conference selection served as team captain twice…As a senior in 2002, Quinn completed 143 of 258 passes for 2,149 yards, 25 touchdowns and only four interceptions while rushing for 108 yards and six touchdowns…Helped his team post an 8-3 mark in 2002 and played in the U.S. Army All-America game in San Antonio…The two-year starter threw for 2,200 yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior in 2001, a 9-4 season that saw Coffman reach the Division I state semifinals…Also lettered three times in baseball. He was named All-Conference in base-ball as a junior…Member of Young Life, the Rock Solid Club and Who's Who Among America High School Students.


Enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business with a major in Finance and second major in Political Science…Sister, Laura, is the girlfriend of Ohio State All-American and Green Bay Packers 2006 NFL Draft first round linebacker A.J. Hawk, Brady’s opponent in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl…Uncle, David Slates, played football at Brown while another uncle, Steve Slates, played football at Kentucky...One of three children of Robin and Ty Quinn...Born Brayden Tyler Quinn on 10/27/84 in Columbus, Ohio...Resides in Dublin, Ohio.


2003 332 157 47.3 1831 9 5.52 11.66 15 4.52 85 152.58
2004 353 191 54.1 2586 17 7.33 13.54 10 2.83 54 215.50
2005 450 292 64.9 3919 32 8.71 13.42 7 1.56 80 326.58
2006 467 289 61.9 3426 37 7.34 11.85 7 1.50 62 263.54
TOTAL 1602 929 58.0 11762 95 7.34 12.66 39 2.43 85 240.04

2003 12 09 48 25 0.5 0 15
2004 12 12 54 -4 -0.1 3 22
2005 12 12 70 90 1.3 1 16
2006 13 13 82 71 0.9 2 60
TOTAL 49 46 254 182 0.7 6 60

2003 12 380 1831 25 1856 9 4.88 154.67
2004 12 407 2586 -4 2582 20 6.34 215.17
2005 12 520 3919 90 4009 33 7.71 334.08
2006 13 549 3426 71 3497 39 6.37 269.00
TOTAL 49 1856 11762 182 11944 101 6.44 243.76
"It's like dating a woman who hates you so much she will never break up with you, even if you burn down the house every single autumn." ~ Chuck Klosterman on Browns fans relationship with the Browns

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