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Cleveland Browns & The NFL

Sometimes when you win, you lose.

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Sometimes when you win, you lose.

Unread postby furls » Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:25 pm

Anyone else think that by winning the coin toss that the Browns may have actually lost? Bear with me for a second. I was going to write an article about this, but the Browns is not really my AoR.

By winning the third pick, the Browns merely won the right to draft Adrian Peterson earlier and sign him for more money. Had the Browns lost the toss, they could have drafted Peterson 4th (everyone knows that the Bucs want Johnson) and signed him for considerably less.

What winning the toss did for the Browns, I guess was give them an outside shot at Joe Thomas should he fall past Detroit, but that scenario is not likely.

IMO the only way the Browns actually will gain anything for winning that toss is if they trade down to one of the many teams that covet Johnson. Johnson's combine was EXEPTIONAL. He ran a 4.35 in BORROWED shoes and his pro day is only going to be better and his stock is really aided by very positive personal interviews. These interviews have become increasingly important considering all the recent problems (particularly with WRs).

Furthermore, CJ is head and shoulders above his competition. Name the #2 receiver? I dare you.... if you ask 10 analysts you will get 5 different answers, but CJs spot at #1 is unanimous.

Trading down and possibly foregoing Adrian Peterson would allow the Browns to gain a significant number of picks this year and to a team as devoid of talent as the Browns are, that is significant. Peterson and his big play ability may give the Browns a chance to compete more immediately, but in the end, the added value from a couple of acquired draft picks will probably help more.

How much do you think they could get if they moved down 5-10 places? I would say at least an extra second round pick and one or two others. Right now, with as many holes as the Browns have to fill, this could be huge.

If the Browns traded down 5-10 places, they could still probably get Marshawn Lynch and with the acquired second they could get Justin Blalock (OG) or fill another position of need. Personally I think the Browns would be better off with Blalock and Lynch than Peterson.

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Unread postby GreatGoo » Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:49 pm

I agree. I think the browns would be better off trading down. I can just see the Browns drafting Peterson and him blowing out his knee in preseason.

Plus i don't know how well the browns are going to do on the FA market this off season. They definitely need to improve the OL before we let a promising young back get killed.
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Unread postby Guest » Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:57 pm

Draft Johnson, the best player in the draft and probably the best player to come out in 10-15 years.

Unread postby pup » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:51 pm

While the concept has some merit, only Cleveland fans could/would find a dark cloud in winning a higher pick.

Here is what the Browns should be doing: Sell the fuck out of loving Calvin Johnson. Send him a car. Rename a street after him. Make sure everyone and their brother knows how much they want him. Worst case is, Tampa freaks out once Russell and Thomas are off the board and have to decide between trading up for Johnson or taking Lady Quinn.

Best case is Minnesota sees that we are taking him, Tampa could actually panic and take the next best receiver, leaving the Vikes looking at Jarrett, or having the worst WR's in football once again.

SF would love Johnson. They are looking to fill other holes through FA and will spend a boatload of cash to do it. They might be looking to "skip" a couple of early rounds once they get Johnson, so their 2nd and 3rd could be available. You can go down there, draft Levi Brown if OL is till the biggest need and draft Michael Bush in the 2nd. Or draft Lynch and take Staley/Grubbs or someone in that group in the 2nd.

The Browns are in the best position of anyone in the top of this draft. It will be very difficult to make the wrong choice. Wether it is a trade, AP, Johnson or Thomas. They either have BPA, or two of the best prospects to come along at an area of huge need.
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Unread postby Dozen » Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:54 pm

The Browns are in the best position of anyone in the top of this draft. It will be very difficult to make the wrong choice. Wether it is a trade, AP, Johnson or Thomas. They either have BPA, or two of the best prospects to come along at an area of huge need.

You're absolutly right on Pup.


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