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OL Style discussion

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OL Style discussion

Unread postby yogi » Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:33 am

{I copied this from the 2007 thread. Its a different topic and merits its own topic line}

Question and point about the OL style.

Everyone over on the watercooler desperatley wants us to sign Steinbach. Hell, I do to but only if he fits in the system we trying to run.

I thought we were building a line for a power running game. We p/u LeCharles and get rid of Faine in part for that reason. Faine was a good blocker in space, could pull with the best of them but was light at 290 lbs in the seat and was pushed into our backfield a little too often by Casey Hampton.

Why do we want Steinback to play Guard when he weighs 295lbs?

OG's for a power run game weigh upwards of 330lbs and look like Shane Andrews of the Eagles.

I asked SOBO for some help on the question of whether we can have a mix-mosh of a power right side and a fast finese left side but the thread sunk off the cooler quick because everyone had to start their own thread as why the Browns suck, why RAC sucks, why Frye sucks, etc. etc.

Can we have a OL of.....

Finese LT Steinback LG LeCharles C Power RG Power RT

I assume LeCharles will be back, if not in 07, 08. I wasn't sure if Shaffer would be a better LT or RT.

SOBO, OL Gurus,..........can a mixture on OL styles work?
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Unread postby swerb » Thu Jan 04, 2007 8:51 am

Yog, couple things right outta the gates here.

One, I think Bentley was signed more based on how miserable the team had been in short yardage and red zone situations. The Browns, for years, were just totally unable to get a push up the middle in short yardage situations. Also, with Droughns as the RB, morphing into more of a power line made sense.

Now, with Droughns probably less than 50/50 to be "The Man" next year at RB, I think it's fine to re-evaluate this, if indeed the Browns are interested in signing Steinbach to play OG.

Secondly, I truly believe that whoever signs Steinbach (Browns included) will play him at left tackle. It's the most important position on the line, it's hard to find a good one, he played there in college, and most people feel he could excel there still.

We saw a similar situation 3-4 years ago IIRC with John Tait. He played some RT and RG for the Chiefs, became a FA, and the Bears signed him to play LT.

Really, the whole Browns line is in a state of flux, so it's impossible in my eyes to question any signing based on any philosophy that they may have had to this point.

Only Shaffer is guaranteed to be back, and at what position, we still don't know.

In my ideal world, you'd have something like this for next season ...

LT - Steinbach/Shaffer
LG - Bentley, top tier FA, or 2nd/3rd rd pick
C - Fraley
RG - Tucker
RT - Shaffer

Maybe bring back one of Andruzzi/Cosey for depth. You hope Sowells and Nat Dorsey can continue to develop. Friedman or another rookie as roster filler.

Alot of ifs in that dream scenario though.
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Unread postby SOBO » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:05 am

In all honesty, it's easier to fit for scheme than it is to mix and match talents.

For example, if you want to try and sign the best available FA talent this year then you go after Steinbach. He brings things to the table this team currently lacks; like top end athleticism and the ability to get to the second level consistency. But he's not exactly the ideal we're looking for at this point in the process.

I agree that if we want to keep the style of play we currently try to employ the no.1 target should be Leonard Davis. He's not a LT in this league and that alone will allow him to walk away from Zona in a FA. BUT if you move him back to RT or especially guard, he could be a dominant force. Also keep an eye on another former Longhorn, Derrick Dockery in this FA class. He's a 340 lber with some athlectism and could push guys around.

Bottom line is that any of the guys mentioned are an upgrade and we'll see results. Personally I would like to see our offense go more towards the athletic side of things; but I've been wishing for that for quite some time.
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